Neura Pod is a series covering topics related to Neuralink, Inc. Topics such as brain-machine interface and artificial intelligence will be explored.
Neuralink Update — October 2021

Hey everyone, welcome to Neura Pod, a series about all things related to the Elon Musk company, Neuralink. My name is Ryan Tanaka and in this update article, we’ll cover:

  • FDA Human Trials — When?
  • Facebook → Meta
  • Neuralink’s Hiring Efforts
  • Neuralink + Shivon Recognition
  • EverythingALS
  • Neuralink data/ financials

— FDA Human Trials — When? —


Since Elon is so publicly facing with his other ventures, it seems like Neuralink kinda gets pushed under the rug, but as time passes, it’ll be fun to see how the company grows and what societal awareness they raise. I’m most excited about Neuralink’s future than any other company. …

OpenAI was born to tackle the challenge of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI). AGI is an AI capable of doing anything a human can do.

The world as we know it would be altered by such technology. It has the potential to help us all if used properly, but it…

The world we live in today can be compared to two rooms with different conversations taking place in each room. Almost like a party, where someone needs to inform you what is going on via SMS messages, because you are too occupied talking with people to learn about what’s going…

Firstly, we’ll discuss the founders and history. Secondly, we will discuss a few research areas the google brain team work on, then discuss the difference between Google Brain & DeepMind, and finally future opportunities the brain team are looking forward to.

Google Brain, formed in 2011, is a deep learning…

October 28, 2021: Mark Zuckerberg talking at Facebook Connect:

Well there you have it. The rumors are confirmed- Facebook is now META. This reflects Mark Zuckerberg’s long term ambitions to play a big role in creating the next computing platform & virtual world- the metaverse. …

Welcome to Neura Pod, a series about all things related to the Elon Musk company, Neuralink.

  • Electrical implants not for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Books → laptop → Neuralink
  • Brain-computer interface progress at Facebook
  • Max Hodak & ‘Science’ update
  • Neuralink company bar

— Electrical Implants Not for MS —

In a recent tweet, JohnLevT asked former Neuralink President…

Neura Pod - Neuralink

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